Monday, September 5, 2011

Bianca Beauchamp Hardcore

The subject of Bianca Beauchamp hardcore comes up often.  Has she done it?  Will she do it?  How does she feel about it? Where can I find it.

Much like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is hardcore.  Let's get this straight - you won't be seeing Bianca humping a guy on film.  She enjoys sex, she celebrates her sexuality, but she has limits to what she wants to share with her fans and the public in general.  There have been a few sex tapes, what woman has allowed her horny boyfriend or significant other film them doing nasty things?  There have even been rumors of those tapes being made public, and Bianca finally being exposed.  But those are just rumors.

There are no Bianca Beauchamp sextapes, at least not any that we get to watch.  Some of the fetish stuff Bianca does approaches hardcore.  She occasionally gets naked with other gals, generally big busty lipstick lesbians.  This is something she does in the line of duty, her sexual preference is straight, and she's had the same partner (a man) for a long time now.

Tastes and preferences change.  There's always the chance Bianca might change her mind, and get sweaty with some hunk for the camera.  I'm sure there would be legions of fans who would jump at the chance to purchase that view.  But that's the whole point.  People do change their minds.  Bianca, in a moment of weakness or with a passing fancy, may decide to do something like that.  But there's no going back.  If she changes her mind after doing something like that, she is stuck with the results.

The queen of latex says hardcore isn't really a possibility right now, or any time in the near future.

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